More Don Cherry idiocy on display last night

I really should know better than to watch Coach's Corner these days. With the Leafs out of it, the CBC are quite butthurt, and are taking it out on the rest of us. The most sad is, of course, Mr. Tronna himself Don Cherry.

Now, asserting that the CBC and specifically Cherry are Leaf homers is nothing new. It's been known by anyone who's caught even an episode of HNIC at any time over the last 10 years. I'm over complaining about how unfair it is for a broacaster subsidized by our taxes dollars to be so regionalized because no amount of bitching about it will change anything. HNIC is about making money, and their best way to do that is to attach themselves in every way possibles to the Buds.

But now that Toronto is out of it, they don't know what to do. The talking heads routinely find ways to bring up the Leafs somehow to keep Leaf Nation interested, but I'm sure they wish it was Mats Sundin on the ice instead of Daniel Alfredsson or Saku Koivu.

Last night, on CC, Cherry took Chris Neil to task for his turtling. No surprise there. He said Neil "sold his soul for a win". Predictable response. No use in pointing out that Cherry's pal Tie Domi turtled as well back when Jim McKenzie of the Devils tried to fight Domi in the first game of the regular season after the infamous Scott Niedermayer incident that brouht out Tie's crocodile tears.

What did irk me, and again, I realize I brought it on myself by even indulging in Cherry at time when he's so irritable, was his attack on Zdeno Chara. After Cherry praised Vincent Lecavalier and called him the best player in the world (that seems like a stretch but there's no disputing he's quite good and I think we'd all like him on our team), he basically accused Chara of being a goon.

First, he said Chara was at fault for the fight. As I remember it, Chara pulled Lecavalier from the scrum and was simply containing him when Vinny threw a misguided punch. Up to that point, it didn't seem as if Chara had any interested in fighting, nor should he in the wake of that serious hand injury that took far too long to heal.

Cherry rationalized that even though Chara didn't throw the first blow, he initiated it by looking at Lecavalier. Yes, that's right, looking at him. Once he did that, Lecavalier had to defend himself! He was being looked at!

Then Cherry said Chara was being a show off by holding his fist over a prone and, frankly, lucky Lecavalier. What bullshit. Even the Tampa fans I've seen said that they respected Chara for showing great restraint. If he wanted to hurt Lecavalier he could have, easily. He didn't. And what does that get him? A public ripping at the hands of a guy who is, unfortunately, one of the more respected media people in the country.

The further the Sens go into these playoffs, the more it'll bug Cherry I'm sure. He'll find ways to say this player is dirty and that one is soft. He'll call our captain Daniel Anderson, because apparently Canada's supposed number one authority on the game can't even remember the name of one of the best players in the league and the captain of the top team in the nation.

I envy you Calgary and Edmonton fans who don't have to put up with this retard. As goofy as he might be sometimes, I'd take Kelly Hrudey over this borderline racist, downright idiotic hockey icon any day of the week.

Don't worry Don, I'm sure the Leafs will be back in sometime soon. Until then, take a Midol and leave the broadcasting to someone who has something of significance to say.