Mavs Home Opener November 3rd

The Mavs held a press conference earlier today.  You can read about all of the announcements here.  Of the big announcements, we have:
  1. The Mavs home opener will be November 3rd at the Independence Events Center, narrowly missing the greatest month of hockey in Kansas City in over forty years.  Oh well.  But, yay, home opener!  The opponent is TBA, and the rest of the schedule has yet to be released.  The CHL has ten teams this year, losing Fort Wayne and Evansville to the CHL, and Rio Grande Valley and Dayton to operations cessation.  The Denver Cutthroats are the only new member.  Still a solid core of teams, though, and it would be interesting to know if the Mavs are biding their time for a move to the ECHL in the future.
  2. All of the Mavs 66 games this season will be broadcast on KUDL 1660.  1660 is currently the radio home of the Kansas City T-Bones.  Good to have games on the radio, as any media saturation can only mean more exposure leading to even more sell-outs.  No word on if MetroSports will carry any games like they did two years ago.
  3. The Mavs are having a FanFest September 8th at IEC.  Cool stuff.  You should go.
  4. The Mavs have signed two players, Brian Bicek and Blake Forsyth.  Bicek had 33 goals last season for the Evansville IceMen, while Forsyth – a former Mav – returns after a year.  He tied Cole Ruwe for the league lead in plus/minus for defensemen with a +26 rating in 2010-11.  
Also, some guy named Gio Flamminio exists.  He doesn't play for the Mavs, but who cares.  What a name!

Oh yeah, and the Mavs are going very 'former Florida Panthers alternate jersey meets Denver Broncos logo' with their new design:
Eh, it's a pass, because why not.  It's fairly simple, even if there's a giant horse head on everything.

Greg Jamison is a Diabolical Genius or Has No Idea What He's Doing

Per Mike Sunnucks at the Phoenix Business Journal, prospective Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison may not have the funds or investors to purchase the Coyotes.  Per the NHL, and I paraphrase, "f*ck you, Mike Sunnucks."

From Phoenix Business Journal:
Several sources in Arizona familiar with the Coyotes machinations and supportive of Jamison’s bid are asking with concern why a deal hasn’t been finalized, where Jamison’s money is coming from and who his partners are.

Hanging over all of this is the fact that the $300 million Coyotes-friendly arena deal approved by the city of Glendale can’t be signed by Jamison until he buys the team.
Free agent Coyotes captain Shane Doan has given Jamison until Friday to show some significant progress or finality in buying the league-owned franchise. Otherwise, Doan will sign with another team as soon as next week, according to his agent Terry Bross. Doan has been waiting for the Coyotes’ three-year ownership saga to resolve itself.

Don't be fooled, Jamison's bid to buy the team is still happening despite the city of Glendale's best efforts to destroy itself into oblivion like the house from Poltergeist.  We will see, of course, but the demands of Shane Doan will definitely not speed the process since I don't think Jamison gives two chocolate starfishes what Shane Doan wants.  But, Coyotes fan are beginning to wonder what's up, as well, so it's not like Doan is just being a douche (this time).

One thing that has intrigued me, and apparently members of the media, is the identity of Jamison's "investors."  When asked, he nor the NHL will disclose the parties involved.  They are just people (maybe) with money.  It doesn't really matter, but then again it would be nice to have some kind of transparency or clarity and a sense that someone knows what the hell they are doing in all of this mess.  Sigh.....I guess we can't ask for miracles.

Anyway, I've gathered as much information available on the topic (none), so here's a list of Greg Jamison's top possible investors:

  • Wayne Gretzky's brothers Brent and Keith
  • Shea Weber
  • Shane Doan's children – Awww you should have seen them with their little piggy banks.  Too cute.  It's a shame they'll have to starve.
  • Bary Gettman
  • Mike Tyson
  • Owen Nolan – because what the hell else is he doing these days
  • Matthew Hulsizer's left nut
  • Dustin Brown's Screw You Fund
  • Dan and Pam DeVos (hahaha terrible people)
  • Pete Rose
  • Totally not Pierre-Karl Péladeau, CEO of Québecor
  • The Maloof brothers
  • Charlie Sheen
  • David Gla-hahahhah ahah haha I'm sorry I couldn't say it! hahahahaha haha haha

Puckin' Links: Coyotes Still Exist, Gretzky Wants the NHL in Seattle and So Should You

Deal with it.
The Globe and Mail, your Canadian source for all things Phoenix, keeps you up to date on the Phoenix ownership saga.  We'll do a rundown.  Try to keep up.

First: Glendale approve arena lease and tax for Jamison – or anyone else (lol) – paving the way for Greg Jamison's ownership of the Coyotes franchise and Arena.
Second: Citizens attempt referendum to put lease to public vote.
Third: A bunch of nonsense happens.
Fourth: City rejects voter referendum because...well, various reasons...
Fourth-B: The sheriff down there...I just wished he'd smile more.  Life's not that bad.
Fifth: Citizens won't take decision to court because they have no money and blame the Goldwater Institute.
Sixth: The Goldwater Institute is like, 'do wut?' and waffles on whether or not they want to make a case against something I don't even know anymore.
Seventh: We will know next week if there will be a vote for the sales-tax hike, which...well...hold on...

From the Globe and Mail:

One obstacle, aside from Jamison’s attempts to finance the purchase, remains on July 30. That is the date of a court hearing to decide if a petition calling to put a sales-tax increase for Glendale to a public vote is valid. Glendale officials have said if they cannot get the sales-tax increase they may not be able to pay the $17-million to the Coyotes called for in the first year of a $324-million, 20-year lease for Arena. 
...yeah, what they said.  That's where we are at.  More to come next Monday, I guess.  Either way, the more obstacles in the way, the longer this process drags on.  How long is Jamison willing to wait for everything to get settled?  Will everything ever get settled?  Sadly, Gary Bettman has been the voice of reason through this whole mess.  Good job, Glendale.

Umm...what else...

Oh, Wayne Gretzky going to Seattle now constitutes as news, as it does when he sets foot in any city, foreign or domestic.  Ah, but he has his reasons.

From MyNorthwest:

Dave Mahler of KJR reports that Gretzky is meeting with Bellevue officials to talk about the possibility of bringing the NHL to the area. 
Chris Hansen has said that he and his investment group would bring in an NBA team if his arena plan is approved by Seattle City and King County councils. As for the investment opportunity for a professional hockey team, Hansen has left that open for other interested investors.

First worth noting, Chris Hansen isn't going to bust his ass to get an NHL team.  I'm glad he learned something from his terrible experience.

As for Gretzky, well, he does fit the profile of an "investor."  Gretz has infinity dollars to do with as he sees fit.  He's also Wayne freakin' Gretzky.  Sooo...there's not much we can do about that.

I'm still trying to figure out his connection to Seattle, other than he just wants the NHL there to fulfill some kind of sexual thrill.  Kinky hall of famer.  I'm not sure it matters.  Let's just use this time as an excuse to post a picture of Paulina Gretzky, and wonder how much of Mr. Gretzky's time was spent parenting.  (i'm sorry master gretzky i didn't mean anything by that remark please forgive me you make my dreams come true ooo-oooo ooo-ooo wooo-ooo)
Boy, it's a good thing Captain America was there. Things could've gotten dangerous.

Grainy Pictures of Dirt – KC Ice Center Pavilion Construction Photos

Click to embiggen
Here is the progress today on the KC Ice Center's new outdoor ice rink – also known as the Ice Pavilion.  It looks pretty smooth, and there is a lot of dirt.  So, yeah, construction hasn't actually started yet, other than the leveling process.  Hey, here's another photo!
Again, this project is reported to be done by this November, giving Shawnee's KC Ice Center a second sheet of ice.  The ONLY ice center in the KC area with a second sheet.

Meanwhile, Nutbush corroborates reports from Puckchaer that the Burlington Creek outdoor rink is small.  Like, much smaller than a standard size ice rink.  Which is strange, because that rink is supposed to somehow support the Russell Stover hockey program.

From KC Ice's official site:
The rink will help support and grow ice based sports, competition and activities in Kansas City, such as the nationally recognized Tier 1 United States travel hockey program, Russell Stover Hockey 
Really?  How?  Maybe for practices?  Broom ball?  Impressing the opposite sex on a date?  We will see.

Stay updated on the new outdoor rink on the Kansas side with KC Ice Center's Ice Pavilion updates page.  Though the progress on the rink is going a lot better than the progress on the updates page...

Charlie Effinger Leaves Mavs for Shot at the Big Time

Missouri Mavericks goalie Charlie Effinger (Eff-bomb) is leaving the team to pursue better opportunities in the hockey world.

Effinger has been flooded with offers following his brilliant 2011-12 season with the Mavericks, where they took eventual CHL champion Fort Wayne to the seventh game of the conference championship series. 
“This was never about money,” Effinger said. “Hilly and Brent know that – and I want the fans to know that they bent over backwards and offered me 18 different ways to stay with the team. But they couldn’t offer me what I can get in the ECHL.” 
When a player signs with the ECHL, he is basically a free agent and can be signed by any AHL team. 
Effinger signed a two-way contract last season with the Mavericks and Chicago, of the AHL. However, Chicago is goalie-deep and there is little chance Effinger can get a legitimate shot with the Wolves.

Effinger holds almost every Mavericks goaltending record by default.  He played 64 regular season games totaling 3,790:01 minutes with the Mavs – the most of any Mav goaltender – and went 41-18-3.  He started all eleven playoff games for the Mavs last season, going 7-4.

It is reported the defending CHL champs the Fort Wayne Komets are interested in signing Effinger.  The Komets made the jump to the ECHL after the end of last season.

You can't blame the guy for pursuing his passion, especially someone who has proven their level of talent is much higher than "AA" hockey.  It's too bad he can't take the spot on the AHL roster in Chicago, but it seems like it's just a matter of time he will land somewhere.  Only 26 years old and he gets to play hockey for a living.  Wicked sweet, eh?

Good luck to you, Eff-bomb, and thanks for the good times!  Have fun in the (real) world.

Selling Kemper Arena to the Swedes? Oh, Sorry, Kømpår Arena

Whadda you want? Quit yer starin', ain't you never seen a nose before?
Kemper Arena: home of numerous Big Eight tournaments, one NCAA Final Four basketball championship, the only KC NHL and NBA franchises, uh...that Owen Hart incident...err...the Brigade.  Now, potential home of ready-to-assemble furniture super giant IKEA?  Perhaps.

You may recall AEG's decision last month to hand over control of Kemper Arena to the city since, well, the arena isn't doing anything.  There have been talks to mothball it, or turn it into an equine center for the American Royal, or even placing a retail store or stores inside of the building.  Even some are suggesting we do something crazy and utilize the space for something that could bring visitors and revenue to the city – but, again, that's totally crazy.

Well, now there may be some discussions about IKEA taking over the building for one of their massive furniture stores.  Well, according to Twitter anyway.

Jump because this started to get too long.

So, Sly Fox is cool with it.  This has been discussed before, but the only reason this is somewhat worth mentioning is because the panelists on KCPT's This Week in Kansas City discussed this last year or a so ago when the rodeo left Kemper (unfortunately I cannot find the video).  

If IKEA is indeed looking to expand to the KC area, why would it go to Kemper and the West Bottoms?  Yeah, there's the space, but there is also space at the Legends, along with other retail outlets.  Or in Independence near Bass Pro and the IEC.  Could IKEA alone draw people to the West Bottoms?  Probably not.  So, the issue still remains of finding a use for Kemper, or biting the bullet financially and tearing it down lest it cost the city more money just to heat and cool it while they decide what to do with it.  They should do something, that's for sure.  And soon, preferably.

Here is the current discussion going on at This Week in Kansas City about Kemper after AEG handed control over to the city.

* * *

Which may not be such a bad thing after all.  I for, one, welcome our new Swedish overlords.  I'd like to remind them that as a random dude on the Internet, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their home furnishings distribution centers.

Also, this is Mayor Sly James's Twitter background.  I think City Hall needs a new logo...

City of Glendale is...Oh I Don't Even Know Anymore

Mad Elaine: The Civil Code Warrior
Good ol' Lisa Halverstadt is at it again, updating us on the Coyotes situation and the anarchy taking place in the wholesome town of Glendale, Arizona.  Ah, Glendale, where the trees grow big and tall, and the children play freely in the streets without a care, and old people play the blues harp down at the general store.  Oh, and all of those crazy people live there too.  Sadly, that's totally important to the understanding of any Glendale/Coyotes story.

Anyway, a couple of Lisa's articles struck me funny today, so I thought I would pass them along.

First, a blog post she wrote early on Tuesday – which actually allows me to get on my soapbox again and point something out.  Reputable print newspapers that feature a free online version of their paper with the same content in the pay-to-subscribe print version such as The Arizona Republic (AZCentral), KCStar, or any other publication also have "blogs" on the same site where the same people who write "blog posts" also write news articles.  And "news people" decry the downfall of journalism due to blogging, Twitter, etc.  That's inconsistent.

Anyway, Lisa's post starts with a phrase that shouldn't exist, as far as the NHL led the public to believe (bold is mine):
Phoenix Coyotes staffers are hopeful as they prep for what could be their fourth season without a permanent owner.
Pardon me, but didn't the NHL set a loose ultimatum that essentially said the NHL would not own the team for a fourth season without assuring it's removal from the city?

Perhaps team president Mike Nealy paints a better picture of the situation.

“It’s still moving forward,” Nealy said. “It’s zigging and zagging a bit but Greg Jamison is still working toward the ultimate resolution with the public issues that are out there. At the end of the day, the league is still interested in keeping the team here.”

"Huh, oh yeah, I guess the league is still interested.  It's whatever, though.  I mean, Greg wants to buy the team and all, but, like, y'know, whatever."  This nonchalant attitude does not make a lot of sense, although, in fairness, everyone seems to be staying level-headed about the situation.  Oh, but what public issues does Mr. Nealy refer?

Well, remember when those Glendale citizens were trying to get signatures to put the Coyotes issue/tax hike to a vote.  Well, Glendale rejected the referendum, which apparently they can do, and they did, so here we go.  This led to an apparent court date in August so the city and these random people can have a forum to argue with each other over the same crap, which will inevitably lead to another court date because what the hell else do these people have to do.

From Halverstadt's most recent article on AZCentral:

Supporters of an effort to reverse Glendale's sales-tax increase must wait nearly a month to argue before a judge. 
Last week, the city rejected signatures submitted by the business group which aims to get an initiative on the November ballot. The group, Save Glendale Now, responded with a lawsuit. 
A Glendale spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday that the city and the business group won't appear before Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sally Duncan until Aug. 14.
Once in court, Glendale will argue the 100-word summary submitted with the group's 4,138 signatures was misleading because an initiative cannot reverse the Glendale City Council's vote to increase the city sales tax by 0.7 percent.

So, although Glendale invalidated the signatures, the uncertainty stems from this court date and the fact that no official deal has actually been made, probably due to no one knowing what the hell is going on.

Another issue: the current CBA expires on September 15th, which could mean a lockout with no new agreement in place.  The good thing for Glendale is the NHL has already begun negotiations.  The bad thing, these are less "negotiations" and more a list of the NHL's demands.  Another bad thing is that the NHL's attention right now is not on Glendale, and more on playing the upcoming season (i.e. gettin' paid, yo).

Here are a few ways it could go down.

A.) the NHL does not have a lockout, but Glendale/Jamison/the NHL have to worry about random court dates and possible votes on top of other Arizona law related nonsense.
B.) the NHL locks out for some amount of time, the NHL abandons talks with Jamison for whatever reason (probably due to uncertainty).
C.) the NHL locks out for some amount of time, and does its best to rid itself of financial liabilities.  Thus, the Coyotes fold, and we have a fun dispersal draft.
D.) the NHL does not lock out, the city of Glendale actually forms something resembling a stable city government, Jamison buys the Coyotes, and the Coyotes stay in Glendale.  They also re-sign Shane Doan, because, sure why not. (Of course, this option relies on a "stable city government" which also means "a lack of self-serving politicians," which, yeah, I'll leave the political commentary to someone else...).

So, in summation, to answer the question posed the other day by our good friend PucKChaser, OH HELL NO I WOULDN'T WANT TO BE GLENDALE THAT PLACE IS WHACKED!  Or, option #4, vacationing in Europe.

Where is Kansas City or Quebec City (or even non-interested, interested city Seattle) in all of this?  Well, who knows, maybe some places just like to watch the world burn.

Also, as an aside, Lisa Halverstadt looks like Scrooge's nephew Fred's wife (Clara, apparently, played by Janet Holywell) from the Muppets Christmas Carol.  So, yeah, there you go.  Small world.

The Best Ice Rink Concept, or the Best Ice Rink Concept? Also, a Programming Note

Your move, KC ICE.
Remember folks, new open air ice skating rinks are coming this late fall/early winter to an outdoor area near you.  The Plaza Ice Terrace, of course, but also the new rinks at Burlington Plaza in the Northland and KC Ice Center in Shawnee's new additional open air rink.  It's good stuff, you can be sure of that.  But, still, it's not that great.  Just look at that concept photo above.  I think it's pretty self-explanatory.  Not just one rink, but three.  On top of each other.  With a ferris wheel and Super Fun Happy Slide.  Especially, a Super Fun Happy Slide.  No matter it defies accepted laws of physics in some cases.  Then again, by pushing past proven standards and dreaming big, isn't that how we evolve as a society?  Yes, yes it is.

Also, a quick programming note:
You can now read my musings here AND at SB Nation's Los Angeles Kings hockey blog Jewels From the Crown.

REPEAT: I will still post here.  So yeah, ya take the good with the bad...

For quicker updates, follow my Twitter account (you can do this without your own Twitter account because TECHNOLOGY!) for more links to cool stuff, articles, hockey news, KC sports items, LA Kings musings (of course), etc. that don't make it to the blog post stage of production.

Hopefully soon, new contributor Nutbush will begin posting here.  He's a skilled Internet craftsmen, and you'll enjoy his stuff.  Or maybe you won't, I don't know.  But, we're just going to keep having fun here and keep pushing that boulder over the hill with you KC hockey fans until one day it goes over the hill and rolls away leaving a vibrant hockey town in its path of destruction.

As always, Puckchaser and NHL in KC have cool stuff for you to check out.  They have been doing one hell of a job for a long time, which is nearly seventy years in Internet time.  And Missouri Mavericks blog guy, your site is broken, and you should fix it.

Tim Leiweke in the 1980s? Yeah, Tim Leiweke in the 1980s

Did you know that Tim Leiweke – the sports czar (or whatever) of AEG – and his brother Tracey ran the Kansas City Comets indoor soccer team back in the 1980s?  Well, they did.  And here they are in the most 1980s video you will see all year.
AEG, of course, manages the Sprint Center and once ran Kemper Arena (into the ground...literally...almost)

How About These Puckin' Links Right Here: "This Isn't Baseball"

I got my picture taken with this yesterday.  I don't know what it is.
Here is some light reading somewhat relevant to Kansas City area hockey.  Enjoy, even if you are wrapped up in All-Star fever.  And if you aren't, well, enjoy anyway.

Mavericks Re-Sign Smith and McCready, Add Forward LeBlanc

It's that time again!  The Mavericks are signing guys, so that's fun.  This, of course, is just the beginning, as many of the players from last season will most likely sign over the course of the next few weeks.  A schedule for next season has not been released yet.  So far, the Mavs have seven players signed up for next season.

Derek LeBlanc – signed from ECHL's Idaho Steelheads
John-Scott Dickson – re-signed
Colt King – signed from Elite Ice Hockey League's Sheffield Steelers

Matt McCready – re-signed
Brandon Smith – re-signed
Dave Pszenyczny – re-signed
David Simoes – re-signed

Head Coach Scott Hillman also signed a two year extension back in May.

Lewiston Sun Journal: UMaine Black Bears hockey schedule released

The University of Maine Black Bears hockey schedule has been released, and for the first time EVER, Kansas City is a destination.  Just another reminder that you can still buy tickets to the two-day Ice Breaker Tournament at the Sprint Center on Friday and Saturday October 12th and 13th.

LA Kings Insider: The quotable Darryl Sutter, 2012

Not KC related, but Rich Hammond over at LA Kings Insider put together a collection of the best quotes from everyone's favorite crazy, mumbly grandfatherly figure Darryl Sutter from this season.  Good for a chuckle or two.

The Arizona Republic: Shane Doan deserves better ending to free agency

The title here is a bit misleading to the juicy, dripping nuggets buried beneath.  Basically, more Coyotes ownership news.  So, here is the Arizona Republic summing up Coyotes Ownership Saga Episode XXXVIIII: The Never Ending Story:
Bross and Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney speak almost daily. Doan had set a deadline for Monday to make a decision, but that could change as the team's ownership issues grows more complicated. 
Monday is the day Glendale said signatures are due for a petition to make potential owner Greg Jamison's lease agreement a referendum on the November ballot. However, organizers now say they have until July 16 to submit the signatures. 
Further clouding resolution is a sales-tax initiative petition recently presented to the city to make it a referendum on the November ballot. The fear is if the tax hike doesn't go through, the city might not be able to finance the Jamison deal. 
How much more patience can Jamison exercise? 
What is the Goldwater Institute's next move?
And how much more can the city of Glendale withstand? 
Meanwhile, a group of citizens known as "Glendale First!" has formed to help educate the public about what they believe is "misinformation and exaggerated numbers" being distributed by the petition gatherers, according to its website, and to get the word out about the positive impact a professional sports team has on a city.
So, we may know more about this by tomorrow, we may not.  It doesn't seem to matter for Kansas Citians anyway since apparently Toronto's David Shoalts from the Globe and Mail claims Seattle and Quebec City are the front runners for a team (even though Quebec City and Quebecor never formally mentioned their intentions to have a team and Seattle's Chris Hansen really seems to want an NBA team before an NHL team).  But, y'know, this is the same old story.  Remember, "2b clear, nothing even close."

The Greatest Fear of Kansas Citians Wanting An NHL Team

An owner like this.

Here is a transcript of David Glass' quick interview on 610 Sports' Danny Parkins Show.
(Is it bad I hear Glass' voice in my head like what I imagine Methuselah's voice sounded like?)

"Cohesive Hockey Interested Group" As Believable As "A Million Little Pieces"

Like Columbus? Nashville? St. Louis? What's your definition of small? (Via)
Sports talk radio.  You listen to this stuff?  I try not to, but, alas, my working environment permits it, more or less.  Oh, don't get me wrong, it's not all bad.  Sometimes they have good interviews.  Like Kansas City mayor Slyyy James on 610 Sports this morning with Bob Fescoe.  That Sly, he's real pumped about that All-Star game.

Of course, that's not important.  Oh no.  Toward the end of the interview, Slyyyy was asked about the status of an NBA or NHL team at the Sprint Center (as he should be in every interview ever until it happens).  Annnnnndddd here's what he said!

"I'd say, if anything, we're closer on the hockey front than we are the basketball front.  There's a cohesive hockey interested group."

Click here to listen to the interview (important part starts at about 14:20)

I'm unsure what part of that to not believe more.  Sure wish we had more info... great job by Fescoe following up on that lead!!!  Anyway, it doesn't matter because who knows what he is talking about.  I can't imagine he is referring to someone Paul McGannon's NHL21 has found, because he apparently has a new name and mission.  It could be the super-duper double secret international investment group vying for the Coyotes a few months ago.  Or it could be the reanimated corpse of Andrew bleeding Carnegie.  Who knows.

After the interview, Slyyy Fox clarified his comments.  He basically says the city's NHL prospects are the tallest midget, but still a midget nonetheless.  
"2b clear.  Nothing even close" – Sly James
Later on, Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison talked about these comments on their show and gave their input (because that's what they do for a living).

Here is the extent of hockey discussion on Kansas City talk radio.

Carrington Harrison: "Whenever the NHL playoffs were going on...very few people were saying 'talk NHL.'"

Danny Parkins: "Hockey isn't wildly popular outside of Canadians" (then goes on to list wild popularity in major American cities)

These are both somewhat myopic views, only because people don't text you or call you about hockey because YOU NEVER TALK ABOUT IT.  The only personality who actually does initiate hockey talk on the radio here is Gary "G-D" Lezak and that's only over the past month and because he's an LA Kings fan (it should be noted that whenever he did this, 810's Border Patrol became visibly ill).  Hockey fans will go where they can talk about hockey.  They won't sit around and wait for you guys to talk about it.  They are smarter than that.  Hockey has as large of an online presence as any major sport.  Just look locally, there are zero KC-specific basketball blog sites, yet just look at "The Locals" section on the right side of this page for those here in the area talking about hockey.  A very, very small-scale example, but KC doesn't even have a team and people are talking about it.

The main take away here is Parkins stating his willingness to start talking hockey. it.  Interview people who want to talk about it.  Devote ten minutes of your show once a week.  Something.  It's a chicken and the egg scenario.  You don't talk about it, so people don't ask you about it.  Look, this isn't a discussion of whether Kansas City can support a team or not, just talk hockey.  We can support hockey talk.  Radio personalities don't even have to learn anything about it.  Have experts come on and talk about it.  There are hockey writers all over North America that would love to talk hockey to the Kansas City audience.  Teaching them about the players, the game.  You don't even have to LEARN THE NAMES!!!

Also, as an aside, and they touched on this, but Bill Self's opinions on anything other than Kansas basketball is like asking Eva Perón about military strategy in Norway.  NO. ONE. (SHOULD.) CARE.

"It's one hell of a Wednesday Kansas."  Okay, that's funny.

Man, I knew this post was coming, but I hate talking about sports radio.

Frozen Americans: A Tribute

This July 4th, while you are celebrating and eating and shooting sparks in you eye and totally not doing anything illegal, take time to remember those heroes that made a difference.  Those brave persons who fight day in and day out for your love and admiration.  I'm talking, of course, about American hockey players.  Aren't they just so dreamy.  Yes, yes they are.

But, we can't honor all of them on this day.  Oh no.  Only the best.  And, only those that will make this a somewhat quick post.

Soooo, without further bullcrap, and because this is somewhat timely, I present a tribute to the two American-born captains who led their team to a Stanley Cup Finals victory: Derian Hatcher and Dustin Brown.

Derian Hatcher (via) – By the way, this photo had the word "Allsport" in the title.  Remember that drink?  Holy hell that was a long time ago. Apparently it still exists.
Everyone remembers Derian Hatcher for leading the Dallas Stars to their one and only Stanley Cup victory in 1999.  Of course, this was also the series of the infamous "crease rule" violation that clinched the Cup for the Stars.  The goal was scored by another American who I have been told by reliable sources he is/was kind of a dick, so we won't name names to protect the innocent, etc.

Anyway, good job Derian.  This Bud's...uh, oh no no, this Miller's for you!  You keep on looking like Adam Copeland and Wes Scantlin you hero of the hockey-iron.
Via USA Hockey
That leads us to the second, and most recent, American-born captain to lift the Stanley Cup, Dustin Brown of the LA Kings.  He's so fresh in your mind he is like a freshly-baked mind cookie or something.  Brown, like Hatcher, led his respective team to its first and only Cup.  Dustin Brown also did this once.
Thanks to Wheezy McBreathesweird for the video recording of his TV

He also has the mouth of a sailor, like any good American.  So Dustin, today we salute you and your attractive wife and your awkward Team USA photos.
What the hell?
But really, all family portraits should be like this. (via)
Okay, let's not forget the runner-up of this year's Stanley Cup Finals.  Minnesota's own Zach Parise and his New Jersey Devils lost to an American-born captain, so I guess that counts for something.  So, good on you Zach Parise.  Also, you did this once.  That was awesome.
Happy Fourth of July or whatever.  Eat, drink, and get drunk!