The NHL Templars Have a Problem, And Only One Man Can Help

Preface:  If you haven't read this post yet, then you are going to have no idea what the hell is going on.  Click the hotlink, read that, then your opinion of how stupid this is will really matter.

NHL Headquarters, Somewhere in Toronto, Last Week

*Knock* *knock*
NHL Grand Master Gary Bettman: Yes, thou art welcome in mine quarters.

(Steward Bill de Daly enters solar chambers)
Bill de Daly: Greetings, Master Bettman.  How does this day find you?

Bettman:  Not so well, kind steward.  For thou see, there art cracks in our once impenetrable sallyport.

Daly: Sir, I just came through the sallyport.  Twas nothing....

 Bettman: Silence, thou fool!  I do not mean the literal sallyport, I speak of our plans.  For thee see, the knights of Phoenix will soon be forced from their lodgings by our men, and sent elsewhere.

Daly: Where, my Lord?  I have already quoth they will not move, and I shall not requite thee wishes.  I had four messengers clubbed for fabricating lies.  Those men cannot surely speak truth?

Bettman:  No, but you see, the men of Phoenix WILL move, and do so as quick that sparks will fly from stones after them.  The Quebecers want the refugees in exchange for millions of pounds, their excess of burnished gold, and thousands of hides throughout the whole of the Quebecian kingdom.

Daly:  I misunderstand thee...

Bettman: They art constructing a new Knight’s Hall for the men of Phoenix. We plan to send those men to Quebec, for we can no longer expect decent tax collection from their current estate.  We shalt collect the offering of the Quebecers in exchange.

Daly: I beseech thee, my Lord, this is not right.  The commoners will find out. They will call ye unstable! They will riot!  They will worry for their safety, and see ye head on a pike!

Bettman:  SCOFF!!!  So help me He that sitteth on high, ‘twas not my errand to worry on commoners and their petty bickering!  I placed men in the Spanish stronghold of Miami.  At first all spoke of me as a fool, but now they call me a genius.  I sent men from Ford de Hart and Winnipeg to the southern fiefdoms, and now they hail me as a king!  The commoners do not burden me.  Tis those villages without knights art mine burden.  They continue to build grand halls in hopes of getting their own cavalry, but we do not have the manpower to expand our forces.  Thus, the lords of these villages can cause unrest amongst other lords with men at their disposal.  We need a diversion, something to keep everyone satisfied, while making a move to Quebec.

Daly:  We could trick these marshals, these so-called “owners.”  Then we could steal the knights away to Quebec.

Bettman:  Thou art the wisest in the world, indeed!

Daly:  What art thou most troublesome fiefs, my Lord?

Bettman:  Well, those that cause trouble the most seek to build, or have built, new battlements.

Daly:  Thou art refer to Seattle?

Bettman: Ah, yes, Seattle.  Now that’s a fine burgage.  The moneylender Christopher d’Hansen has a new hall he wishes to place men in, though these men be of great stature.  We need not do much to appease him.  Alert their local propaganda machine, for widespread news of a possible protective force will make him glad.

(Daly sends a letter to KING 5 in Seatte.  Quoth KING 5: “We want the NBA”.)  

Daly:  Who art else?  What of Jim Balsillie d’Ontario?

Bettman:  Ah, yes, a tragic tale, his.  I banished him to the oubliette weeks ago. Too troublesome, was he.  If you remember, a similar plan years ago, to appease the burg of Hamilton? Thee broke our covenant, thee was recreant in doing so.  Thee went too far.  If we are not careful, the same thing will happen in Saskatoon.  Laugh will I at the thought of my knights in Saskatoon...

But, one fief is troublemsome to the stability of my rule.  City de Kansas.

Daly: City de Kansas?  Art thou foolish?  Explain ye reasons.
Bettman:  Lord Leiweke owns a hall in that realm.  Many fortnights before, we embarked on a night of merrymaking; there is something that Lady Bettman must not know about, something that only Lord Leiweke swears not to tell.  That is why I gifted him the cavalry in City de Angels.  He is a great foe, and I must continue to please him.  I need not say more... summon him AT ONCE!

(Sir de Daly summons Lord Tim Leiweke)

(Time passes)

(Lord Tim Leiweke enters the Great Hall of NHL Headquarters on horseback)

Lord Leiweke:  WWWAAAATTTTTT UUUUPPPPP, bros, joes, and coooo-missioners?!?!?!?!

Bettman:  I summon ye to discuss a matter of deep importance, and I ask of thou and I to enter into a convenant.

Lord Leiweke:  Sure, brah, I can do you a solid.  But, remembs, you have to come out here and shred hardcore with me, dude!  We had a deal when I bought the Kings.

Bettman:  (Sighs) All that ever I promised, that shall I keep with good will.  My truth on it.  Now, Sir Leiweke...

Leiweke:  “Hollywood.”

Bettman:  Nay, I beg thee pardon?

Leiweke:  It’s “Hollywood”, bro.  I’m totes lax with names and shiz.  All of my peeps are down with it.
Bettman:  Okay, Sir... um, Hollywood.  Do you recall the hall ye constructed in City de Kansas?

Hollywood:  Yeeeaaaa, bro.  Imma just waitin’ for it to be stocked with some cool bros...and brews!  Ha ha you know I be pullin’ yer dangle, my man. But, for reals, when you gonna hook me up with an army?  That’d be off the Richter!

Bettman:  That is why I summoned thee.  The knights of Phoenix may go without homes soon, and I think ye hall in City de Kansas will provide suitable residence for them.  Art thou willing to accept this undertaking, provided it is offered?

Hollywood:  Sure, dude.  I mean, Ol’ Sly Fox ain’t too keen on bringin’ in a bunch of posers, but it’s whateves.  Anything for you, King Betts.

Bettman:  Please refer to me as Grand Master Bettman.

Hollywood:  Word, yo.

Bettman:  Okay, sir.  Now to our covenant.

Hollywood:  Lay it on me.

Bettman:  Relay the message I have told ye.  Tell everyone in the City de Kansas the words of our meeting. 

Hollywood:  That’s it?  Hell, dude, you know me, I’ll let the bros know.  It’s all radical, KB.  You can count on me.

Bettman:  Now, thank you for this above all else, sir knight.  Thou art dismissed.

Hollywood:  Hold on, let me try something before I bounce.

(Recites opening paragraphs of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”)

WHOOAAAA!!!!  Totally righteous, huh?!?!  Just a little somethin’ I picked up from the dudes down at the chapel.  Y’all certainly have a twisted way of talkin’.  Peace OOOUUUTTTTT!!!!!!! 

(Tim “Hollywood” Leiweke leaves)

Daly:  Do ye think thy great words hath fooled him?

Bettman: Of course!  He is but lord in name only, and does not understand our way.  Besides, much of his riches have been made from acrobats and jesters filling his many halls, and not from any fighting force.  He is a wretched man, a mere scullion, but one I must appease. 

(NHL messenger Sir Darren-Dreger d’TSN bursts into the chambers)

Bettman:  Oh look, my loyal messenger.  Light thee down, and profess thy news.

Sir d’TSN: My Lord, I and my fellow messengers hath spread word throughout the kingdom of ye wish to replace the Phoenix knights to the fiefs of Quebec, Seattle, and City de Kansas.  Alas, the new hall in Quebec has caused much distress among the people of the latter two burgs.  Word has spreadt throughout thy kingdom that you favor Quebec, and...

Bettman: Sir Daly!  Go, now, and spread the word to the people that we knowst nothing about this new hall, nor do we care.

Daly:  Yes, my Lord.

(Daly leaves)

Sir d’TSN: Is there anything else thou needs?

Bettman: Yes, have the men ready the trebuchet.  I have a meeting with the NHLPA presently.

Quebec Fallout: What the Hell is Going On Out Here?

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and the Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern. Separated at birth?
I was harsh on ruling Gary Bettman a "failure" when it comes to the possible move of the Phoenix Coyotes (or some mystery franchise -- I'm looking at you Dallas) to Quebec City.  Two franchises relocating to cities that have lost teams earlier in your tenure does not necessarily make you a failure.  Nor does one lockout (now two, that may be a problem).  I'll admit, that's a harse assessment.  Bettman has transformed the NHL into a multi-billion dollar industry by spreading the sport to other markets and through TV rights deals.  Plus, he confesses to his mistakes.  I guess that's a good thing, even from a fan's standpoint.  But, I come from an American perspective.  Canadians do not want him to take hockey away from its homeland and place it in the desert or the beach.  Which makes sense, more or less, because although I would like to see more Canadian MLB teams it's hard to imagine the outrage if, say, the Rays moved up north. (By the way, just for fun, I searched "What are good things Gary Bettman has done for hockey?" into Google.  Not a lot of positive reviews came up.  Just FYI.)

Perhaps, though, much of the fuel of my anger comes from this assumption that the Coyotes are already on their way to Quebec.  An assumption, of course.

From the CBC:
NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly was asked on Sunday whether the possibility of the struggling Phoenix Coyotes being relocated to Quebec City was strengthened by the announcement on Sunday. 
"No, there's nothing new here," Daly wrote in an e-mail.
The same Bill Daly that denied any deal was done less than a month ago.  Damn, Daly sounds like one tough hombre.  Do not cross that man.

His response makes sense, though.  The NHL is not going to tip its hand, nor outright say "Oh heck, yeah, that changes everything!"  No, they are playing the game just like everyone else in this situation.  Quebecor, that crazy Saskatoon guy, any and all of the Coyotes possible owners.  Everybody.  What we know is that the NHL is doing everything they can (or have done everything they could for the past three years) to keep the Coyotes at Arena.  Meanwhile, Quebec City and Seattle are building arenas and assembling owner-type people in hopes of getting a wayward franchise.  In reality, Mayflower moving trucks are not converging on Glendale, Arizona as you read this.  Possibly...

And that's where it gets confusing.

Earlier this week we heard about the NHL's "Plan B", their probable contingency plan for the Coyotes if all ownership candidates fall through.  In that contingency plan, the NHL will likely relocate the team to one of three cities: Seattle, Quebec City, or Kansas City.

From PucKChaser:
Kansas City was mentioned as a “in the mix”, but no one has ever explained why. 
That is the money statement, right there.  Quebec makes sense because of what we have seen from Quebecor and the new arena, etc.  Seattle makes sense because of their possible arena deal, and a possible owner attached to said arena.  Kansas City makes sense because of... is it still because of the Sprint Center?  Or AEG?  Barbecue...?  Something does not add up.

Easy answer:  The NHL is full of crap.
Fun answer: We are not being told everything, and the rabbit hole goes much much deeper than we know.  Kansas City, Seattle, and Quebec City.  Those three cities, not any others.  Apparently, they have more significance than Las Vegas or Saskatoon in this case.  We just do not know exactly why.  Obviously, though, the NHL must be on speaking terms with these cities.  Therefore, Bill Daly's comments do not hold much truth.  Then again, they do.  The NHL could care less about new arenas.  Also, not only has the NHL not sold the Coyotes, they have a Plan B.  But, a new Quebec or Seattle arena will not sway that opinion.  What about the owners.  Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Quebecor in Quebec.  Christopher Hansen et al. in Seattle.  Who in Kansas City?  Mystery guy?  Has AEG found someone and nobody knows.  Not likely.  But, what strange goings-on, indeed.

The only thing that might have some truth is that the NHL operates like the Knights Templar, guarding secrets and leaking (possibly) faulty information to keep us all guessing.
Playing with the King of Hearts, knowing it ain't really smart.

Quebec New Arena Deal -- Build It and Someone Might Come (ADDENDUM)

Read this first:

Puck Daddy: New $400 million, 18,000 seat arena in Quebec City to be ready by Sept. 2015

That's ridiculous!  What city would build an arena with one already, and no prospective tenant for --- what, uh, ohhhh...

In fairness, Kemper Arena is past its prime, and Kansas City wanted to embark on a huge downtown revitalization plan.  The Sprint Center was to become a showpiece, an arena that could lure any and all concerts, acts, sporting events, and performances and generate revenue for the city with nearby restaurants and watering holes (i.e. Power and Light District).  Sprint Center was a replacement for Kemper, and it has served that purpose and then some.  It doesn't have a permanent tenant, but it does bring big acts to Kansas City.  In the paraphrased words of Tim Leiweke, "it doesn't need a permanent tenant to be successful."  It can stand alone.  So, does Quebec need a new arena?

In March, Labeaume said that millions of dollars in upgrades would be completed this summer to Le Colisee, the former home of the Nordiques; so should the Phoenix Coyotes -- or any other NHL team given the sharp left turn that happened a year ago -- have to be relocated this summer, a temporary home in Quebec would be available for the next three years while the new arena is being built.

Just a quick look at the ExpoCite, or Colisee Pepsi website, one can see that the building is not short on events.  Pitbull is coming, and OH LOOK an evening with Bryan Adams!!!  Only an evening?!?!

My point is, does a metropolitian area with under one million residents need TWO arenas (or "amphitheaters," as Quebecers call it)?  Obviously, Quebec doesn't need a new arena, they just want a NHL team, again.  That is just a rather specfic use of money.

Good luck to Quebec and Quebecor in their quest for a NHL franchise, but if another team from Gary Bettman's southern influence zone (*cough* Phoenix *cough*) were to move north of the border, I think it might be time to search for a new commissoner.  And, yes, a lot of people will say Bettman sucks already and he has ruined the league blah blah blah, but spreading the game in American markets has been his plight since he started in the '90s, and failing that WILL make him a failure as a commissoner.

But, really, wouldn't we all be a lot happier if every NHL team played in Canada?

Okay, maybe not a failure, but it certainly will be a major goal he did not accomplish during his tenure.  Then again, if Phoenix or whoever moves to Quebec, you really can't blame league officials for trying to sustain the league for the future.  There is no doubt Quebec will take to a new team as well as Winnipeg (and a fan of the sport would hope that support will last), but what does the NHL care about more: large markets, or filled arenas?

Tim Jamieson Does Not Equal Greg Jamison

Again, my bad.  These two gentlemen have very little in common.

Where Will the Mavs Finish in the Turner Conference?

Third.  How do we know that?  Well, according to, after the Mavs still had a 1% chance of finishing fifth in the conference even after they clinched.  That's not right...

To the standings!

Remember the tiebreakers:
1. Most non-shootout wins
2. Head-to-Head record
3. Goals for/Goals Against Differential

Fort Wayne won tonight, moving them to 85 points.  They can only be overtaken by Evansville.  So, not first.

The Mavs cannot catch Evansville because, although the Mavs can win tomorrow and tie them in points, Evansville will still have one more non-shootout win.  Thus, not second.

It's a battle between the Mavs and Rapid City for the third and fourth spot.

Rapid City is done playing, and they are tied with the Mavs with 82 points.  The Mavs have a game in hand, and if they gain a point by going to overtime, they will finish above the Rush.  If the Mavs lose, move on to the next tiebreaker.

The Mavs and Rapid City are tied in non-shootout wins.  If the Mavs win in regulation or overtime, obviously they will have more points and more regulation/overtime wins.  If they lose, they are still tied.  Move on to the next tiebreaker.

The Mavs won the season series 4-1 record against Rapid City this season.  The Mavs will finish third.  Though, props to the Rush for their amazing goal differential.

This means the Mavs will either play the #2 seed Evansville IceMen or the #2 seed Fort Wayne Komets in the first round of the playoffs.  Oh, and it could definitely be either of those clubs, depending on what happens Sunday.  Evansville clinches first with a win and Fort Wayne loss in regulation.  With a Fort Wayne OT loss, Evansville needs to win to a) have as many points as Fort Wayne AND/OR b) force a tiebreaker.  That would give them both 86 points, and 37 non-shootout wins.  Then, Evansville needs to do some serious goal differentiating to force the deciding tiebreaker, a 7-6 season series over the Komets.

Or Fort Wayne could win and ruin all of the fun.

By the way, the Mavs were 4-2 against the IceMen this year, and 1-1 against the Komets (what an odd, unbalanced schedule).

Go out and support the Mavs tomorrow as they battle no one for third place!

Mavericks Clinch 2012 CHL Playoffs

They Mavs have beaten the Bloomington Blaze, clinching the final spot in the Turner Conference of the Central Hockey League.  They have eliminated the Quad City Mallards.  The conference is so tight that the Mavs can still finish as high as first.  Fort Wayne, the first place team, has 83 points after a win tonight, but the Mavs can still overtake them by winning their final two games this weekend.  The tiebreakers are all kinds of messy and sordid, but let's not get into that right now.  Let's not worry about it. Let's dance!

Again, it's not the NHL, but it is a playoff hockey team in the Kansas City area.  It's better than no playoff hockey in the Kansas City area.

NHL Ready to Abort Plan Glendale, Begin Operation Coyote Freedom (UPDATED)

First, a little evening reading:

TSN's Darren Dreger Tweet 1

TSN's Darren Dreger Tweet 2

Report: NHL investigating alternative plans for Phoenix Coyotes

What's that, you say?  We've seen this before.  Well, you're right, we have seen this before.

For numerous reasons that may be obvious, but we will not get into right now, it is good from a marketing and sustainability standpoint for NHL (hockey's highest level of competition in, arguably, the world) to have franchises in non-traditional hockey markets.  Some reasons include, but are not limited to: spread the game, open up hockey to new markets, create a wider base instead of just regional (i.e. Canada and the Northeast), large television markets, etc.  That being said, there are numerous negative financial consequences that can occur.  But, that's not the point.

Basically, if the Greg Jamison deal, which gained so much momentum only a short time ago, falls through, the NHL will be more than happy to listen to offers from ownership groups ready and willing to swoop in and carry the team away from Glendale financial hell.  "Plan B", if you will.

Of course, of the possible relocation cities mentioned by Dreger (Seattle, Quebec City, Las Vegas, and Kansas City), KC is the only one with an NHL-ready arena (read: large enough, actually exists, and not crap).  And, of course, that is not the only thing needed to have a franchise (read: OWNER, OWNER, OWNER...).  I'm not saying to start dancing on tables and buy up Coyotes merch in anticipation of the super-duper new KANSAS CITY COYOTES, nor am I saying to be pessimistic and depressed about the NHL ever coming to Kansas City.  Maintain.  The NHL probably won't come here, but then again, the NHL did operate a struggling franchise for three years in a non-traditional market.  I suppose anything could happen.  It's about perspective.

And, at least the NHL has a Plan B, unlike some people :
Haha, it's funny because "Curtis Painter"

Meanwhile, the Mavs are about ready to clinch a playoff berth.  We have a successful club here, and they are already very well supported.  THAT is a good sign.

(UPDATE concerns labeling potential Coyotes owner Greg Jamison by the wrong name.  I said Tim Jamieson, the name of the Mizzou baseball coach, because, apparently, I am dumb.)

Are the Mavs in the Playoffs Yet?

Short answer: Not quite, threat level "Blue"

Long answer: ...

Well, close.  They still wouldn't have clinched with a win over Tulsa on Sunday, but if so they would only need a point.  Rapid City had themselves an excellent weekend, and clinched with a win tonight.  That being said, it’s down to the Mavs and Quad City.  The Mavs still need three points to finish off the Mallards, or hope they lose two of their final three games.  The Mallards went 1-1 this past weekend and lost tonight.  Also, they have played one more game than the Mavs, and trail by four points.  Let's look at the standings:

Remember, the tie-breaking procedures work thusly:

-Most Wins (not including shootout wins)
-Head-to-Head Record
-Goals For/Against Differential

With Rapid City clinching tonight (it is mathematically impossible for QC to catch RC), let’s just look at Quad City.

The Mavs do not have the tiebreaker with Quad City, having lost five of the eight games.

Quad City plays this Wednesday.  If they lose, they are not eliminated since they can conceivably still win their final two games, tie the Mavs on the first tiebreaker, and beat them on the head-to-head tiebreaker.  If the Mavs go 1-2-1 in their final four games, they clinch because Quad City is mathematically unable to catch the Mavs.  But, if the Mavs fail to gain at least three points in the next four games, AND Quad City wins at least two games of their final three, they will clinch over the Mavs.  Oh, Quad City, will you ever just go away?  

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted.  Go out and support your Mavs this Friday and Saturday!!!

Mavs remaining schedule:

@Evansville, Wednesday
vs. Bloomington, Friday
vs. Tulsa, Saturday
@Tulsa, Sunday

THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT THE FHL, 1000 Islands, And the Kirnans!

You are here for one reason and one reason only. You want the TRUTH.
In this blog you will find all of the information directly from Thousand Islands Privateers players (Current and Fired). You will also find proof all of the biased information being given by a league who's owner is one of the team owners father. You will see 100% proof of how this league is corrupt and how Nicole is running her team and lying about it. Current Players asked to remain annoymous to not receive retaliation based on the information given.

As we have been hearing all about this being like a scene from the movie "Slap Shot", Consider this a scene from "Days of our Lives"!

-Nicole Kirnan (Owner of the 1000 Islands Privateers Hockey Team) has repeatedly blamed her players, opposing teams, the league, and THE FANS for all of the problems within the Thousand Islands Organization. Nicole has been permitted to do what ever she likes within this league as her Father is the owner/Commissioner.  ‎"Kirnan Hall, daughter of FHL commissioner and founder Don Kirnan, is certainly no stranger to the North Country or the game of hockey.""Kirnan Hall completed a master’s degree in sports business management. It was the first step toward her goal of owning a hockey team. "

“I was really drawn to the business side of hockey because it is a very unique business and a niche business,” Kirnan Hall said.

"Kirnan Hall’s original focus for team ownership was in the junior ranks. Thanks to her father’s involvement with the Syracuse Stars and the Empire Junior Hockey League, she was able to gain a respect for the player development side of the game at that level. It wasn’t until her father decided to develop the idea of the FHL that she thought about owning a pro team."

“It’s really important for me that people know that I own the team,” she said. “It’s so much fun to work together (with her father) and not everyone gets that opportunity so I really do see it as a great opportunity.

First off: It all started with Nicole Kirnan forcing her players to make a trip to Danbury CT on Friday, January 13th, 2012 to play a hockey game that the players and bus driver did not want to travel in unsafe conditions and risk their lives. The following information comes directly from Current and Fired/Suspended players.

"Mike Richards and Vinny Geonnetti were fired on the spot and it took us 4-5 hours just to get to Syracuse, Interstate 81 was closed... there was cars in the ditch everywhere we were going 25 mph the whole way. The reason she foreced the driver and all of the players to go is so danbury would give her the money for the game she told us she would be fined and made up all this other nonsense if we didn't go... when we left the rink we came down the hill sideways and got stuck like 6 times between a bay and watertown"

Another player "took us what felt like forever to get to syracuse that day.. we couldnt get out of our arena parking lot.. slid down the driveway sideways and almost flipped just leaving. still she told us to continue to the game. we got stuck in 2 different gas station parking lots and our winshield wipers failed, making it next to impossible to see. Still she told us to continue. she truly didn't care what happened to us"

Here are the listed suspensions for the players not wanting to risk their lives:
1000 Islands 01/13/12 Geonnetti, Vinny (D) placed on team suspension
1000 Islands 01/15/12 Richard, Michael (RW) placed on team suspension
(Here is the Weather report from that day. 8" of snow with up to 41 mph winds. Consisting of Rain and Snow)
She suspended 2 players for not wanting to risk their lives and then covered this all up with excuses. These players were later traded to get away from the T.I (Thousand Islands) Organization.

Below are photos from the players cell phones while on Interstate 81.


Secondly: On Friday February 3rd2012, T.I. Privateers Refuse to show up to play the Akwesansne Warriors on Cornwall Island at the Warriors home ice. This night the Warriors Organization was required to find players to play for the Privateers in order to put on a show fo the Fans. Nicole Kirnan later in a press release states that the players refused to go play against the Warriors.
( All information can be read here. Once again Current and Fired/Suspended players state their side and say that this is not the case.

“We all as a team were told not to go to the game due to the league trying to stop the Warriors from playing the games they play. Once all players agreed there were a few players that went the other route and decided to go. Nicole told us that who ever refuses to go to the game will be fired and will be forced to have their stuff out of her house the next morning or they will be arrested”

(Here is the Box score from that game)
The following players are Warrior players who were forced to dress for the T.I. team in order for there to be a show/game for the fans. (Stacey, Mike -McCarthy, Kris, - Swamp, Kiawentonteh, -Sanford-Roy, Samuel,-McIntyre, Will) All of these players are on another team with out being waived by their current and active team and no Suspensions or fines resulted from this.

The Privateers Ex Coach Mark Lefebvre has been suspended indefinitely by the league and has been fined $5000 for his role in the situation.
Even her coach, Marc Lefebvre, sided with the players, who felt Akwesasne played too dirty to warrant a game. The Warriors are currently on probation with the Federal Hockey League and another incident will result in expulsion from the league”

-This statement would later be said by the league to be false.

“It left Kirnan with a difficult choice: Allow those players to return to the team, quickly find others to fill the roster, or fold. She first chose to release all the boycotting players, and LeFebvre, from the team. Then, she hit the phones and hasn’t stopped.”
 These players were not all released as an Injured player by the name of Mathew Kinsella who could not make the trip due to injury was suspended by the team while being injured and the TI Organization refused to pay him or for the Proper Medical treatment.

The following statements are from Suspended T.I. Goalie Mathew Kinsella:
“I tried getting into physio when I got injured, but she didn't have the proper insurance so I was denied treatment.. I'm still dealing with this injury on my own dime in Toronto. When I refused to leave the house without my paycheck she told me I had a doctors appointment, so I figured it was to get checked to see if I was "faking" the injury or not I got into the Doctors office and had my blood pressure and all the basics checked, and then the Doc looked at me and said "To be honest with you, Nicole called me yesterday and wanted me to give you a drug test. Then he told me I had to take it that day, per terms of my contract. I never ended up taking it tho. I made a phone call to someone and I was advised not to take it, and I was told the Doctor giving me the test can't be our team’s doctor who she employs”
Mathew was held from being traded to another team to continue to play hockey as Nicole stated that she would not let him go anywhere after posting the things he did on facebook.
Next: On Friday March 2nd 2012 the saga continued! While in the mix of all of the playoff seeding The T.I. Privateers show up to The Warriors arena without Captain Paul Kelly. After questioning the players on the bench the players where Paul Kelly is they responded with “He isn’t going to come over here and risk getting hurt for a game that we don’t want to win anyways” Which is the identical act that just prior resulted in players being suspended and traded. However with the Warriors up with score of 6-2 and the Privateers not giving any effort to compete in the game to place their seeding to not have to play the Warriors in playoffs the Warriors begin to give the Privateers a free pass to win the game which in turn set the Privateers players in a rage on the bench stating that “there is no sense in even coming out for the 3rd” The Privateers Stated at the end of the game “Do not plan on seeing us tomorrow night” Referring to the game the following night set to play in Cornwall Ontario at the Ed Lumley Arena.

The Following Night: Fans for both teams fill the into the Ed Lumley Arena only to find that the Thousand Islands Privateers Refused to show up once again. Random players from local mens hockey leagues were brought in to play for the Privateers in order to once again put on a show for the Fans. One of the fans there to watch the game with his family was asked to come play as they did not have enough players to even play as a fake Privateers team. A Post was then posted on Facebook by Nicole Kirnan that She felt that it was in the best interest of her players and team to not send them into that atmosphere. This very same situation resulted in $5,000 in fines for Coach Marc Lefebvre and the suspension/Firing of the rest of the team just one month prior. Nicole was not fined nor were any suspensions handed out in her roll in not showing up to play against the Warriors on March 3rd 2012! The following is the results from this game and the Made up roster of People from the crowd and people from the mens league.

PLAYOFFS Game #1: Game 1 of the best of 3 series was held at the Warriors Arena on Cornwall Island. This time Privateers show up to the game with No players receiving any suspensions from the previous nights NO SHOW. The game goes into overtime with a tied score of 3-3. 60 Minutes of clean hockey and minimal penalty’s. 1:05 into the overtime period Paul Kelly receives a 2 minute Roughing minor and decides to argue his point with the officals with no further penalty for arguing the call. While on the power play the Warriors score at the 1:34 mark and win the game. After the goal horn has sounded Paul Kelly steams from the penalty boxes and charges for the Official and began to harass him. While involved in the altercation with the official Paul Kelly also makes comments and gestures towards the Warriors goalies. Paul Kelly would Receive (Abuse of Officials Game Misconduct), 10 min, 1:34 which would later be a 1 game suspension for Abusing the officials. Chase Tippen would step in to remove Kelly away from the Officials. Multiple players in the FHL prior have received multiple games for Abuse of the Official Misconducts.
The Following is Photos of Paul Kelly's altercation with the Officials after the final Goal.

PLAYOFFS Game #2: Now in Bonnie Castle arena for game #2. The First period finishes with (1) 2 minute minor Penalty to the Warriors and the first period score of 4-1 in favor of the Privateers. Period #2 would take an immediate twist as Warriors Pierre Dagenais (The FHL leading scorer) Receives the following penalties and a League suspension as a result of the incedent after the league said they reviewed their horrible quality video feed.
Akwesasne - Pierre Dagenais - (Head Contact Major), 5 min, 4:53
Akwesasne - Pierre Dagenais - (Head Contact Game Misconduct), 10 min, 4:53

Akwesasne  03/11/12  Dagenais, Pierre (RW) placed on league suspension 
As Pierre Dagenais crosses the center ice line he reaches out for the puck and as to avoid a collision with Privateer Player Williams he stands up to try to avoid contact at which time the two players collide and Williams sent to the ice and not getting up. Reviewing of the video shows that There was no Elbow to head contact was was stated for reasoning for suspension.

The Following are the Videos of the Hit that the league reviewed.

Playoffs Game#3: The final game of the Series hosted at Bonnie Castle arena. The First Period Ends with a both teams trading power plays back and forth finishing the period 1-1. The Second period The warriors come out and take the lead and the Privateers begin to take the roll of the Aggressor and Acumulate this  penaltys with one being another ABUSE OF OFFICALS misconduct that did not somehow result in a disqualification or suspension.
1000 Islands - Michael Jordan - (Hooking), 2 min, 8:40
1000 Islands - Jeremy Akeson - (Abuse of Officials Misconduct), 10 min, 11:20
1000 Islands - Miguel Delisle - (Hooking), 2 min, 11:26
1000 Islands - Adam McAllister - (Elbowing), 2 min, 19:43
The final above posted Penalty was a blatant elbow to the head of Warriors player Martin Beauln sending him into the end boards. Video will further breakdown the incident. The TI player was only give a 2 minute elbow penalty but the night prior Warriors Pierre Dagenais was given a league suspension for less of an attack.

The Following is the Elbow to the head of Martin Beauln by T.I. McAllister.
No further action was taken by the league on this vicious hit.
The second period would end at 3-2 In favor of the Privateers and a continued close game.

The Third period is where it all begins. A hard fought beging of the period would quickly turn into a brawl on ice. Players began to fight on the ice and the Crowd would begin to take matters into their own hands by throwing items onto the ice and at the benches and players!

With all of the fighting and the penaltys Privateers were issued only (2) 5 minute penaltys and no suspensions for the players seen clearly leaving the bench. They players seen throwing punch from the bench were also not issued any penaltys or supplementary actions.

This is the Issued penaltys from this Incedent:

1000 Islands - Michael Jordan - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
1000 Islands - Adam McAllister - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Mathieu Wathier - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Kris McCarthy - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Nicolas Corbeil - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Nicolas Corbeil - (Fighting (Stoppage) Disqualification), 10 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Ahmed Mahfouz - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Ahmed Mahfouz - (Fighting (Stoppage) Disqualification), 10 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Kiawentonteh Swamp - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Kiawentonteh Swamp - (Fighting (Stoppage) Disqualification), 10 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Simon Desormeaux - (Fighting (Instigator)), 2 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Simon Desormeaux - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Simon Desormeaux - (Leaving Players Bench Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Simon Desormeaux - (Fighting (Stoppage) Disqualification), 10 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Simon Desormeaux
- (Leaving Players Bench Disqualification), 10 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Jean Rene` Forget - (Fighting (Instigator)), 2 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Jean Rene` Forget - (Fighting Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Jean Rene` Forget - (Leaving Players Bench Major), 5 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Jean Rene` Forget - (Fighting (Stoppage) Disqualification), 10 min, 13:55
Akwesasne - Jean Rene` Forget - (Leaving Players Bench Disqualification), 10 min, 13:55

THis is the supplementary suspension from the League:
Akwesasne  03/12/12  Corbeil, Nicolas (C) placed on league suspension for 2 games 
Akwesasne  03/12/12  Mahfouz, Ahmed (LW) placed on league suspension for 2 games 
Akwesasne  03/12/12  Roundpoint, Alex () placed on league suspension for 5 games 
Akwesasne  03/12/12  Desormeaux, Simon (D) placed on league suspension for 8 games 
Akwesasne  03/12/12  Forget, Jean Rene` (F) placed on league suspension for 5 games 
Akwesasne  03/12/12  Swamp, Kiawentonteh (LW) placed on league suspension for 2 games

While the game is in action a T.I. Fan comes forth and tells us that there is a Person underneath the bleachers across from where the fans are sitting video recording the fans zooming in on the them. The following is a Video of Dave Smolnycki FHL Public Relations and as he stated he is a"Friend" of the Kirnan Family.  He is seen here SPYING on fans in the Bonnie Castle arena and States that "Big Don" Kirnan had him do this!

Also seen here is a Woman who I was told by the other Security Gaurds is Nicole Kirnans personal "Body Guard" She was Seen and heard throughout the night telling multiple fans that she would injure them and also "Arrest" Them.
 Privateers Past and Present players have been subject to abuse and bullying aswell throughout the season. Players are permitted to stay at a location provided by the team. The players stay together in unsafe conditions at 18 Holland Street Alexandria Bay New York. The player have been forced to go without heat during cold winter months. The players have been subject to illegal Evictions by the same Security gaurds that Nicole employs for the games. Players were Illegal Forced from the house during winter months in result of not agreeing with Nicole.

Below are pictures of the Housing and the Flood from the heat being shut off and the pipes bursting.

"in camp there were like atleast 22 guys in the 14 rooms, guys sleeping on the couch during camp, she came in and shut off our heat at one point, so we had to get space heaters.. the kitchen was so cold when she shut off the heat that the pipes burst and flooded half of the house" A current player stated.

"one of the excuses for us not getting paid is because apparently we trashed the house. Not 1% true. Actually Paul kelly put 3 holes in the walls himself and pissed in one of the closets during training camp when he was drunk"
Below is a Video of former Privateer who moved on to a different league discribing his stay in this above mentioned house and his treatment.
Current and Prior players Asked that the Fans know that the players have been subjected to alot of this bullying for the reason that they did/do not agree with the Team owner being in a relationship with player/Captain Paul Kelly and stated that any actions or comments going against these two always resulted in retaliation.

------This is all Information that was sent to me from players and fans of the Privateers, FHL Officials, T.I. Privateers employees, and many more. Nicole has submitted letters and posts that have tried to continue to cover her tracks and when any of this information was posted on the Privateers Facebook page it was deleted and I was banned. I have spent Hours on the phone with Leaders from the FHL who have also agreed that they do not approve of the way things are being ran in T.I. Nicole continues to post articles about slander. Information with blatant proof is not slander IT IS THE TRUTH.

The FHL Execs and The Kirnan's continue to try to hide the facts that there is a 100% conflict of interest happening in this league and do everything in their power to keep it all hidden.

Thank You to all that have came forward and continue to come forward with the information and facts. Stand up for yourselves and do not let these people push you around!

Presenting the Missouri Mavericks Playoff Threat Level

Hey, are you a Mavericks fan worried about their playoff chances?!?!?!  Do you want a more visual way to understand how close the Mavericks are to the playoffs?!?!  Do you like threat level charts?! Well, worry no more because Lost City of Bettman presents the Missouri Mavericks Playoff Threat Level indicator!  Currently, the Mavs are in the "Blue", meaning they are every bit as good as last year's Mavs, and should make the playoffs.  But, really, how close are they to the playoffs? 

Remember, the top four teams in each conference makes the playoffs.  The Mavs have seven games remaining, and they are third in the Turner Conference with 72 points.  They are ahead of fourth place Rapid City (72 points) because of their head-to-head series, and fifth place Quad City (70 points).  The Mavs probably will not catch second place Fort Wayne (78 points).

The Mavs will definitely clinch one of the four Turner Conference playoff spots with a 5-1-1 record (83 points), which will be one more point than Quad Cities can possibly obtain.

Oh, this may be of some importance.  The CHL tiebreakers, in order of importance:
-Most Wins (not including shootout wins)
-Head-to-Head Record
-Goals For/Against Differential

Here are their respective records:

The final number is Regulation and Overtime Period Wins.  Notice how the Mavs really cannot afford to have the tiebreaker come down to the GF/GA differential.

The Mavs have a 4-1 record against Rapid City this season, with no games remaining against them.

Tha Mavs have a 3-5 record against Quad City this season, with no games remaining against them.

Message to other teams in the league: Keep the Mallards out of the playoffs, please.

The Mavericks remaining schedule:

@Bloomington, this Friday
vs. Tulsa, this Saturday
@Tulsa, this Sunday
@Evansville, next Wednesday
vs. Bloomington, next Friday
vs. Tulsa, this Saturday
@Tulsa, next Sunday

s/t to The Royal Half for inspiration (i.e. stealing his idea)