A good fit here?

Upon learning that the Chicago Blackhawks have bought out Matthew Barnaby, my first thought was, how would he look in Ottawa?

GM John Muckler made no secret that he wanted him last summer, but for the role he plays, the price tag of over a million bucks was just too high. Now that he has some cash in his pocket, perhaps Barnaby would take significantly less to come play in his hometown. The price would have to be right (as in, less than $700K I'd think), but Barnaby has never struck me as a guy driven by finances so I'm not sure that would be a major issue.

He'd certainly add some grit and grind to the Senators, and in a fourth line role, could be very useful. The Senators, hopefully, have more than enough scoring and wouldn't need Barnaby for that. He'd merely bring an edge to the roster that was clearly missing down the stretch.

Seems like a good idea to me.