Hockey in September doesn't suck

I saw the majority of the Sens-Pens game from Halifax tonight that ended with our beloved Sens taking the W 5-2. Some quick thoughts:

- the chemistry between Jason Spezza, Dany Heatley and Patrick Eaves looked to be in mid-season form. Now that we have Kaigorodov penciled in alongside Alfie, it makes sense to keep this trio together to start the season. I LOVE the jam and determination Eaves brings to the line. It’s somewhat startling that the guy is oversized by the other two, more high profile players yet Eaves plays like he dwarfs the much heralded pair, however, until the kid’s body breaks down, we need to reap the benefits of his complete lack of common sense.

- a strong game from Ray Emery. Wasn’t tested significantly but made some impressive saves and showed very little of anything resembling rust. Kelly Guard was less inspiring, but didn’t hurt himself out there either.

- it’s absolutely unfair to judge someone on one game, let alone a game of the pre-season variety, but boy did Joe Corvo fail to impress me, and I doubt I’m alone. With the money they threw at the relatively unknown rearguard, expectations are high, and I hope this wasn’t a sign of things to come this season. I’m willing to cut the guy some slack for the entire pre-season because it’s a pretty serious adjustment he’s trying to make, but the club can’t afford for that learning period to be too prolonged. He needs to be more aggressive physically and be smarter with the puck if he plans to be worth that $2.6 mil the Sens threw his way.

- Danny Bois got himself noticed with his physical play, on a line with superpest Cody Bass. Solid performances from both.

The Sens return to action Wednesday night at the Cor…. ScotiaBank Place with our friends the Maple Leafs coming to town. I assume it too will be on the tube in some form, but if you’re like me, just hit up your local watering hole and I’m sure it’ll be showcased.

Some roster notes to make mention of include the first look at Alexei Kaigorodov, lined up with the captain, as well as the sorta debut of Josh Hennessy, who I’ve started to think will be the sleeper portion of the Havlat deal. Tom Preissing will pay dividends this season, but Hennessy looks to be someone who will be a factor for years to come sooner than later. As well, Martin Gerber and Jeff Glass split the pipe time. Gerber is looking to rebound from a so-so outing in the scrimmage the other night that caused many cynics to chime in with their doubts about his legitimacy as an elite goalie, while Glass just hopes to do something to make the Sens brass remember he exists.

On the other side, no Mats Sundin means a chance to really beat up on the Buds. Fun.