As important as a game in October can be

Much has been made about tonight's game between the Sens and the Calgary Flames. A lot of that is due to the long delay between games, however, there is a genuinely large level of discomfort in the city with the Senators right now. A lot of nervousness.

It's absurd to say a game on October 12th is a must win game. It'll only be the fourth game of thr season. It's still early. But they need this win. Before this ship sinks even further, it needs to be righted.

The powerplay needs to start rolling. Martin Gerber needs to make a number of big saves and instill some confidence in his teammates so they can play an aggressive game without worrying that every single mistake will result in a goal. Jason Spezza, Dany Heatley, Wade Redden, and Daniel Alfredsson, the team's best and highest paid players, need to start playing like it. The team as a whole needs to display some sort of desire from the first drop of the puck.

We're gonna find out what this group's made of very quickly.