Like shooting fish in a barrel, I know, but I had to

Dwayne Klessel posted this bit on his "blog":

Shawn Horcoff for Chris Phillips. Would you do it?

Not if you are Edmonton in my opinion. All you need to do is look at last year's playoffs and how these guys performed. My memory of Horcoff was that Detroit series and the finals. I felt that Horcoff could have won the MVP in the playoffs last year. HE was the best player on the Oilers. He is the most well rounded player for sure. He is very similar to a young Steve Yzerman.

My Memory of Phillips was him allowing players to skate by him in the Buffalo series, including the goal that eliminated the Sens. I also remember that one goal by Drury where he was allowed to skate in from the corner and score without anyone touching him.

Now, I don't believe this rumor has any basis in reality, and probably started on a message board by some armchair GM, however, there are two points that are worth destroying:

1) Chris Phillips was NOT on the ice when the Sens were eliminated
Funny how memories can be such bullshit. How Chris Phillips can be held responsible for the goal scorer to knock out Ottawa when he was on the bench is beyond me. Daniel Alfredsson has been the goat on that one (and to a lesser extent Wade Redden) but now we're blaming people who were watching it like the rest of us? Was Phillips supposed to jump on the ice and tackle Jason Pominville? Use his superpowers to will the puck off Pominville's stick?

As anyone who's watched the Sens over the years would know, Chris Phillips has been, year in and year out, their most consistent playoff performer, and was still one of the few effective Sens in the Sabres series despite having a bum knee that probably should have had him on the shelf.

The odds are pretty good that Chris Phillips will leave Ottawa at the end of the year. Despite his struggles this season, he's still highly regarded throughout the league and will therefore get a rich contract on the open market this summer. Based on the contracts thrown out this past July, Phillips is probably a $3 million blueliner, and that's too rich for the Sens blood.

But I don't think they'll be moving him anytime soon. Phillips has what this team is supposedly lacking most, according to its critics, and that's heart and leadership. You think this is a soft, mentally weak team now? Move the Big Rig and you'll be yearning for the past month.

2) Shawn Horcoff is like a young Steve Yzerman
I hope I don't have to even say anything.