All my Answers are the BEST!

He says, tongue firmly planted in his cheek.  But, seriously folks, I have been doing this LinkedIn thing for a while and I find it to be an invaluable tool to find old friends and co-workers and to connect and network with others in my field.  A week or so ago, I decided to check out the "Questions" section and stumbled upon this question: 

Can open source software be used to create a successful business model and generate real revenue?

I found it to be right up my alley! It was asked by Angelo Varlotta, a PhD student from Purdue University.

Well, today I found out that he selected my answer as the "Best Answer".  Very cool.  He also sent me a nice email. 

So, I am 1 for 1 with question answering on LinkedIn.  I think I will retire now, undefeated!!!  lol