New Ice Rink Coming to the Northland?

For those in the Northland, you are at least somewhat aware of Tuileries Plaza shopping district, the area featuring the gaudy glowing pylon structure off of I-29 and 45 Highway.  Well, some bad stuff happened, and it is no longer owned by the same developer.  Why should you care?  Well, because, NorthPoint Development took over and named the area The Village at Burlington Creek, promising to fill it with restaurants, office space, luxury apartments, and an ice-skating rink.  Wait, what?
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I thought it sounded crazy too, but there it is right there on the sign.  And signs never lie.  Just as an aside, Line Creek Community Center and Ice Arena is just a few miles away from this location.

What does this ice-skating rink entail?  Well, your guess is as good as mine.  As the photo below indicates, the "Ice Plaza" is situated in between En Chamas restaurant and the building that holds Quiznos Subs.  This area does not appear to look very large, but perhaps large enough for a single-sheet skating rink.  Or just a rink similar to the Crown Center Ice Terrace for the winter months.  Of course, they are still in the development stages, so who knows.

Anyway, here are a few links to check out if you are interested in knowing more about the whole project and development.  Small ice terrace, single-sheet ice rink, or whatever, this rink can help inspire an interest in ice sports around the area.