Mizzou vs Kansas Club Hockey Photo and Video Diary Part Deux: Electric Blowout-aloo

The lowly life of the backup goalie of a winless team.  Hold your head up, big guy.  At least you are on an organized team.  

You saw part one, now it's time for the thrilling conclusion of the Mizzou-Kansas Border War photo and video journal.  Will Kansas regroup in the third period, staging an amazing comeback, and avenging the 2007 Border War football game?  Will Mizzou pull a Philadelphia and bleed the entire period skating around in their own end?  How many players will get kicked out for fighting?  The answers to these questions and more can be found after the jump.

By this point in the game, it was getting hard to tell whether or not either team was called getting for a penalty during stoppages of play.  Four KU players on the ice became the norm at this time.

The third period fight, the icing on the fight cake, resulted in six game misconducts.    

The resulting confusion after the fight.  Twenty minutes later they resumed play.

Continued confusion.  Ilya Kovalchuk is not pleased.

Jus' chillin.

"Hey, uh, no one will blame you if you want to get out of here.  Follow me to freedom."

The Kansas bench after the misconducts.  There are four guys on the ice, two goalies, and eight guys on the bench.

The Missouri bench by comparison.

Midway through the third period.  Not everyone seems to have the same focus as the two players taking the faceoff.

Your final score.  Mizzou wins the Border War, 14-3.  The game, mercifully, comes to an end.

Mizzou celebration.

Mizzou skate-ebration.

Team photo with the odd trophy in the background.  Truman didn't break this one, apparently.

Photo with the trophy.  Quick question: who are these photographers and where are their photos?

Coaching staff with the trophy
Thus concludes another hockey night in the Kansas City metro.  I would say that the IEC was about 70% full.  That may be a little generous, but that's still about 4,000+ people for an arena that holds about 5,800.  It wasn't a great game (14-3 final and very chippy throughout), but it's still hockey nonetheless.  And honestly, isn't that what really matters?  Thirty-three Mavs games plus games like this each year make Kansas City a hockey town of sorts, even though it's not on the same level as a Winnipeg, or Seattle, or even St. Louis.  Still fun, though.