Introducing the Coaching Carousel


The NHL Coaching Carousel, a new feature at Lost City of Bettman where we will take a look at the coaches fired so far this season and how the team's have done with their new coach(es).  Basically, it's a fun chart for you to look at.  Look at the colors.  Who doesn't like charts?!?!

So, on this eve of the Winter Classic, here are the five teams with new coaches and how they have fared since ridding themselves of the stank of an old head coach.

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Stats are as of 1/1/12 at 10:00pm CDT

The current coach is on the bottom, while the fired coach (or interim coach) is on top.  The Blues and Kings appear to be in the best shape as of now.

Best Available Coaches:
Terry Murray
Randy Carlyle
Jacques Martin
Davis Payne
Paul Maurice
Craig MacTavish (NSFW language in link)
Bob Hartley
Andy Murray (a fave of the blog)
Pierre Maguire
Scott Gordon
Tony Granato

Coaches on the Chopping Block:
Scott Arniel - CBJ
Jack Capuano - NYI (maybe)

Game by game stats
NHL Standings
NHL PP Stats
NHL PK Stats
My own math (erg...nerds, feel free to check my work and let me know what I screwed up)

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