Open-Air Rink Coming to KC Ice Center in the Fall

KC Ice Center in Shawnee is opening a second sheet of ice.  This one appears to be an open-ice rink with a permanent roof (I assume something similar to the Crown Center Ice Terrace, only probably not at all).  Below is a link and an excerpt from a release from the hockey director to those associated with the KC Stars amateur clubs.

I realize this is from late April, but here it is for those of you who do not know.

Kansas City Stars Hockey Director's Spring Update

KCIC is moving forward with a second sheet of ice!!! The new rink will be an open‐air facility with a permanent roof. It is planned to be ready in November. We all know the need for more ice in Kansas City for our sport to grow and prosper. The new rink at KCIC will use modern technology to allow our players to experience the tradition of outdoor hockey. Those of us who have played outdoors or seen the NHL Winter Classic know how much fun it can be to play open air hockey.
One of our goals for many years has been to find a way to provide more ice time for our Stars house level players. We are excited because the new ice sheet will allow us to provide our house teams (Atoms through Bantams) with an extra hour of ice each week from about mid‐November through March, depending on weather. The new rink will be open as long as the outdoor temperatures are below 50 degrees. There will be no increase in fees from last year to our house families for this additional hour of ice. More ice, same price! More details to come as we put together schedules in the fall.

And here is a picture of what it may look like, also from the KC Stars site.
It's no Heinz Field...
With the announcement of the open-air rink coming to the Northland in November also, Kansas City is really starting to jump on the "pond hockey" fad hundreds of years after Canadians made it popular.  Take that, Canada!

But, no, seriously, this is good.  Especially after the epic failure that was Ice Midwest.