Any Kings fans wanna help me out?

The Sens have apparently signed defenceman Joe Corvo to a four-year deal worth $10.5 million.

I'll admit that my knowledge of the Kings is severely limited, because I just don't see much of them due to playing so late into the night.

Should I be happy about this? Angry? Indifferent?

I'm very confused.

UPDATE: If you're like me and horribly uniformed on Corvo, some stats:
29 years old. 6 feet tall. 205 pounds.

Last season:
81GP, 14G (11th among D in NHL), 26A (50th), 40points (26th). +16, highest among L.A. d-men. Averaged 19:59 per game, 4th among L.A. d-men.

The scouting reports seemed to indicate he's an offensive-minded d-man.

This is the Chara replacement Muckler was talking about? Seems like a slight upgrade over Pothier.

I feel like Muckler saw everyone else doing something and around 7PM, after he woke up from his daily afternoon nap and warm milk, he said "well shoot, I better do something, huh?". And this is that.

Again though, until 15 minutes ago, when looking at his profile on, I wouldn't be able to tell you what Joe Corvo looked like, so really, I don't know what I'm talking about.

UPDATE #2: After reading what Kings fans are saying on the Hockeys Future Forums, I'm not exactly warming up to this deal.

"There isn't a stat for defensive screwups. Corvo would be nearly a league leader. He's soft as a feather."

"He's just a shade better than Andy Elmore." (I assume he means Andy Delmore, who costs about 1/3 what Corvo does)

"they will need to learn to deal with Corvo's defensive mistakes. There will be a lot of them unless he gets paired with Redden, and there's no way that's happening."

"Haha, good riddance! Over 2.5 million for Corvo? Hell no!"

"Peace, take the next flight."