On this day, remember one thing:

It's not about the biggest name, but rather, the right name.

I've seen some Sens fans express that the team needs to be in the hunt for the big names during this free agent shopping period. Names like Patrick Elias, Jason Arnott, Rob Blake, Marc Savard, and Mike Peca have all been championed by passionate fans who think Ottawa needs to make a big splash. While I would love to see each in a Sens uniform, it's about more than just stature.

Let's rewind to last summer. With all those high profile players signing big deals, the Nikolai Khabibulins, Paul Kariyas, Derian Hatchers, three that flew under the radar for the most part were Frantisek Kaberle, Ray Whitney and Cory Stillman in Carolina.

At the time, I said Jim Rutherford made some crafty moves, but even I couldn't expect them to be so significant.

Despite not being the kind of signings that garner front page coverage in any sports section, local or otherwise, or even a major disection post from your favorite hockey blogger, 11 months later, there can be no disputing they were huge signings.

That is what Ottawa, and every other team, needs. The right signing. The right fit.

They need to find their Cory Stillman.

Who that is, I can't say. Maybe a Jeff Halpern or Alyn McCauley, Geoff Sanderson or Steve Rucchin, Marc Chouinard or Mike Grier, Shean Donovan or Aaron Ward.

Don't get blinded by a sexy name and previous accomplishments. They're great, but at the end of the day, it's about who fits.