An easy choice

Edmonton Oilers fans, apparently sporting a nasty inferiority complex, have taken a unique approach to get the rest of us to root for their little team now that they're the lone Canadian team still alive: insulting the teams we cheerish.

Sorry boys, but no dice. I'm backing the Buffalo Sabres from here on out.

They're an exciting team to watch play, have three great players with local connections, weren't expected by anyone including themselves I'm sure to be in this position, and their fans are pretty nice people.

Yeah, they beat us out, but if anything, that just makes me respect them more. Buffalo did so in an honorable way.

Besides, with the exception of a supposed shared Canadian identity, I'm sure I have more in common with someone from Western New York than I do those from blue-bleeding Albertans who would probably spit in my face after learning I'm from Ontario. They sorta hate us out there

I can't root against the Oilers in this series after the national anthem fiasco, but if they do get past San Jose, I might even jump on the Ducks bandwagon. I love the way they play.