Thanks but no thanks

Dominik Hasek appeared on TSN's "Off The Record" this evening, was on his best behaviour and said all the right things, but I still can't see any scenario that has him coming back to Ottawa as being wise, which is what Hasek says he wants. When asked if he will play anywhere else but Ottawa next season, he flat out said no. I'm glad you like our little city Dominik, but is that really a good idea?

While Hasek maintains he did not quit, it all still smells far too fishy for my liking. Everything played out exactly how those skeptics in Detroit and Buffalo said it would. If nothing else, you'd think Hasek would know better than to go to Torino, yet he thought it was nothing.

Besides, given how sternly Bryan Murray was about Hasek, can Dominik be with the Senators next season? His stance was pretty clear, and I don't buy Hasek's explanation of "it was less than 48 hours after the loss, his mind might not have been might". Murray doesn't strike me as someone who speaks out emotionally if that's not how he truly feels.

If John Muckler has to chose between his coach and Hasek, it's not a tough call from where I sit, and I'm not even a big Murray fan right now.

The bottom line is that Hasek cannot be depended on. Even if we are to take him at his word that he didn't quit, he's still a massive health risk. Do they bring Hasek back and then get another qualified back-up for Ray Emery in case he goes down again? So they then have to have three NHL goaltenders?

I admire your supposed wish to finish what you started in Ottawa, but this Sens fan doesn't want you back. You're simply not worth the headache.