Apparently I've been brainwashed

Tom Benjamin must be running out of things to talk about with the Canucks golfing because he's once again complaining about the "new" NHL. Hardly news, I know.

But now old man Benjamin says he lost faith in hockey fans because we "we swallowed Bettman's lockout line".

See, it's not possible we just think the quality of hockey IS in fact actually better. That can't be the case. Because it's not better. Tom Benjamin says so.

Call me programmed if you want Tom, but I like the new NHL. Does that mean I've bent over and taken it from the commissioner?

The games are more exciting, the talented players are being allowed to display their skills, there are more goals (powerplay or even strength, I don't give a shit). Hockey is better, I believe.

Oh, and John Buccigross of ESPN says it too. I suppose there is no sense in pointing out that Buccigross has been a cranky ass ever since his employers lost the NHL contract to OLN. He's always finding new ways to talk down the league.